Turbosound NuQ82-WH ลำโพง
Turbosound NuQ82-WH ลำโพง
Turbosound NuQ82-WH ลำโพง
Turbosound NuQ82-WH ลำโพง


รหัสสินค้า: NuQ82-WH ประเภท: ลำโพง

ตู้ลำโพงเป็น แบบ Passive 2 ทางและ แบบ Bi-amp ได้ 8 นิ้ว 250 วัตต์

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เป็นตู้ลำโพงที่สามารถเลือกปรับเป็น แบบ Passive 2 ทางและ แบบ Bi-amp ได้ มีลำโพงเสียงต่ำ ขนาด 8 นิ้ว 1 ตัว และ ดอกลำโพงทวีตเตอร์ 1 นิ้ว 1 ตัว



  • เป็นตู้ลำโพงชนิด Full Range Loudspeaker
  • ตู้ลำโพงทำจากไม้หนา 12 มิล อย่างดี
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  • มีสวิทช์เลือก แบบ Passive และ แบบ Bi-amp


2 Way 8" Full Range Loudspeaker for Portable PA and Installation Applications (White)


     The 2-way full range NuQ82-WH is a switchable passive/bi-amp 1,000 Watt 8" loudspeaker system ideally suited for a wide range of speech and music sound reinforcement applications. Engineered to work in conjunction with Turbosound loudspeaker management systems, the NuQ82-WH provides optimal performance for FOH, sidefill and delay line loudspeakers, and is an exceptional choice for wedge monitoring applications.

      The NuQ82-WH loudspeaker features an 8" low frequency driver with a low mass voice coil for improved transient response, and an aluminium dome 1" neodymium high frequency compression driver mounted on a rotatable 100° horizontal by 60° vertical dispersion converging elliptical waveguide. All drivers are matched with an internal passive crossover network in a reflex-loaded enclosure, and bi-amp mode can be enabled by means of a rear panel switch. The rear panel connector plate carries Neutrik speakON* NL4 connectors for input and link connections to additional enclosures.

      Finished in a highly durable semi matt white paint, the cabinet is constructed from 12 mm (½") birch plywood – and includes a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille backed with reticulated foam. Multiple threaded rigging points are provided for suspension in any orientation, or for mounting with industry standard wall brackets. Optional flying yoke, swivel brackets, and swivel extenders allow for further flexibility in install applications (each available separately). The NuQ82-WH also features a 35 mm socket for standard pole mounting – plus integrated handles for convenient transport.



  • 2 way full range loudspeaker for portable PA and installation applications
  • 250 Watts continuous, 1,000 Watts peak power
  • Ideal for FOH, side fill and monitor applications
  • 8" low frequency driver with low mass voice coil for improved transient response
  • Aluminium dome 1" neodymium motor compression driver
  • Switchable passive/bi-amp operation for flexibility of use
  • Rotatable converging elliptical waveguide provides 100? H x 60? V dispersion
  • 12 mm (1/2") birch plywood enclosure with hard wearing semi matt white paint finish
  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille
  • Integral 35 mm pole mount and handles
  • Multiple internal rigging points allow bracket mount and suspension in any orientation
  • Neutrik speakON* NL4 connectors for reliable long life operation
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in England




Frequency Response65 Hz – 18 kHz ±3 dB
55 Hz - 20 kHz -10 dB
Nominal Dispersion100° H x 60° V @ -6 dB points, rotatable
Directivity Factor (Q)8
Directivity Index (DI)9
Power Handling (IEC) 
Maximum SPL 
Crossover TypePassive / Bi-amp switchable
Components1 x 8" (211 mm) LF Driver
1 x 1" (25 mm) HF Compression Driver


Connectors2 x Neutrik speakON* NL4
Dimensions (H x W x D)464 x 274 x 220 mm (18.3 x 10.7 x 8.7")
Net Weight10.2 kg (22.4 lbs)
Construction12 mm (½") birch plywood
FinishSemi-matt paint (white optional)
GrillePowder-coated perforated steel
Flying HardwareM10 x 8 points; M8 x 3 points