Yamaha YAMAHA MG10X CV มิกเซอร์
Yamaha YAMAHA MG10X CV มิกเซอร์
Yamaha YAMAHA MG10X CV มิกเซอร์
Yamaha YAMAHA MG10X CV มิกเซอร์


รหัสสินค้า: YAMAHA MG10X CV ประเภท: มิกเซอร์

มิกเซอร์แบบอนาล็อค เป็นเครื่องผสมสัญญาณเสียงที่มี MG10XCV Input 10 ช่องสัญญาณ สามารถต่อไมค์โครโฟนได้สูงสุด 4 ไมค์ รวมทั้งหมด 10 อินพุต มิกเซอร์ 10 ช่อง มิกเซอร์แบบอนาล็อค มิกเซอร์เสียงดี YAMAHA MG10X มีช่องสัญญาณเข้า 10 Channel Stereo Mixer with SPX Effects Processor 10-Channel Mixing Console, 4XMono [MIC/LINE],3XStereo[LINE]

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YAMAHA MG10X CV มิกเซอร์แบบอนาล็อค 10 Channel Stereo Mixer with SPX Effects Processor

Road Tough. Studio Ready.

     For more than a century, Yamaha has been building a legacy of superior craftsmanship and innovation exemplified in all of our products, from an unrivalled catalog of world-class musical instruments to touring-grade professional audio. Now in its third incarnation, the MG Series embodies this pursuit of design excellence, and incorporates some of the same technologies developed for use in high-end professional consoles, including studio-quality preamps, powerful digital processing, and a rugged, reliable construction.

     With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the MG Series boasts an extensive lineup of compact mixing consoles with models ranging from six to twenty channels, suitable for a diverse range of users and applications. For installed, recording, or live music settings, the solid construction and flexible design of these consoles lets you shape your sound with confidence, continually delivering peak performance and a level of sound quality and reliability unrivalled in its class.

    Housed in a rugged steel chassis, the MG10X CV can accommodate up to 10 inputs and offers a balanced stereo output. Featuring D-Pre discrete Class A microphone preamplifiers for pristine sound, it includes an Aux bus for the built-in SPX effect with 24 presets and 2 channels of single knob compression. The MG10X can accept XLR, 1/4" Phone and RCA type pin jack inputs, and offers XLR and Phone outputs. The MG10X offers rotary controls instead of faders, reducing the footprint for discrete placement onstage or anywhere space is a premium. A footswitch input allows hands free effect muting.


Featured models: MG10X

     Just like the XU models, SPX digital effects are included on these three X models. Excellent for portable use, but also great when installed in conference rooms, banquet halls and weddings, where users can have wide choice of effects to enhance their sound. Stylish grey color improves visual identification.


MG10X CV - Details


  • Rugged, Powder-coated steel chassis for superior durability
  • Discrete Class-A microphone preamps
  • Built-in SPX digital effects with 24 programs
  • Switchable +48V Phantom power
  • Color coded controls offer easy operation


General Specifications:

  • Frequency Response Input to STEREO OUT: +0.5 dB/-1.5 dB (20 Hz to 48 kHz), refer to the nominal output level @ 1 kHz,
    GAIN knob: Min
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) Input to STEREO OUT: 0.02 % @ +14 dBu (20 Hz to 20 kHz), GAIN knob: Min
  • Equivalent Input Noise: -128 dBu (Mono Input Channel, Rs: 150 O, GAIN knob: Max)
  • Residual Input Noise: -102 dBu (STEREO OUT, STEREO master knob: Min)
  • Crosstalk (1kHz): -78dB


Input Channels:

  • Mono [MIC/LINE]: 4
  • Mono/Stereo [MIC/LINE]: 0
  • Stereo [LINE]: 3


Output Channels:

  • Stereo Out: 2
  • Monitor Out: 1
  • Phones: 1
  • AUX Send: 1
  • Group Out: 0



  • Stereo: 1
  • Group: 0
  • AUX Send: 1(Incl. FX)


Input Channel Function:

  • Pad (Mono): 26dB
  • HPF (Mono, Mono/Stereo): 80 Hz, 12 dbB/oct (Mono)
  • COMP (Mono): 1-knob compressor (Gain/Threshold/Ratio) Threshold: +22 dBu to -8 dBu, Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1, Output level: 0
    dB to 7 dB Attack time: approx. 25 msec, Release time: approx. 300 msec
  • High EQ: Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 10 kHz shelving
  • Mid EQ: Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: Mono 250 Hz - 5 kHz peaking,Stereo 2.5 kHz peaking
  • Low EQ: Gain: +15 dB/-15 dB, Frequency: 100 Hz shelving
  • Peak LED (mono): LED turns on when post EQ signal reaches 3 dB below clipping
  • Level Meter: 2 x 7 -segment LED meter [PEAK, +10, +6, 0, -6, -10, -20 dB]
  • Internal Digital Effect: 24 programs
  • Phantom Power Voltage: +48V
  • Power Requirements: PA-10 Power adapter (included)
  • Power Consumption: 22.9W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.6"x 2.8"x 11.6"
  • Net Weight: 2.1 kg (4.63 lbs.)

Item Includes:

  • 1x MG10X CV Mixer
  • 1x AC Power Cable (PA10 Power supply with MG10XU)
  • 1x Owner's Manual