Yamaha AG03 มิกเซอร์
Yamaha AG03 มิกเซอร์
Yamaha AG03 มิกเซอร์
Yamaha AG03 มิกเซอร์


รหัสสินค้า: AG03 ประเภท: มิกเซอร์

มิกเซอร์ เครื่องเสียง YAMAHA AG03 Mixing Console Multipurpose 3-channel mixer with USB audio interface

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Webcasting / Podcasting

     Transform your PC, Mac or even your iPad into a virtual radio station and spread your message to the world. With a surprisingly easy setup process, the AG lets you produce online content with high-resolution sound, either for real-time broadcast over digital streaming platforms such as USTREAM or YOUTUBE LIVE, or producing on-demand podcasts and videos. Your AG will elevate your production value considerably with background music, sound effects, and a level of sound quality that can’t be matched with a conventional computer / headset configuration.


LOOPBACK function for internet live streaming

     The LOOPBACK function enables live broadcasting of all the microphones, instruments and other audio sources along with background music from your PC / Mac or iPad.


D-PRE studio quality mic preamp

     AG features the same premium mic preamps developed by Yamaha for high-end recording consoles, capturing most detailed nuances of your vocal or instrumental performance.


Flexible connectivity

    AG comes equipped with an input featuring phantom power as well as a headset input, giving you the option to use a professional condenser mic, or conventional computer headset.



     AG03 model feature volume knobs and a 60mm fader on the front panel for simple manual control of your voice, background music, and other audio content or sound effects.

1-TOUCH DSP offers professional sound with a single touch

     1-TOUCH COMP / EQ can add clarity and focus to your sound with the simple click of a button. Just like an authentic radio broadcast, you can add reverb with the 1-TOUCH EFFECT or sound effects from an external device at will.


Class Compliant mode for iPad connection

     AG is compatible with Apple’s second generation iPad or later, allowing you to create high quality recording and playback using an iOS compatible music app such as Cubasis.*Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required


Cubasis LE Multitouch Sequencer for the iPad

     "Cubasis LE" is available in the App Store. You just need to connect your iPad to an AG03 to make it work. Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Cubasis LE places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening a new world of possibilities for your creativity.

* Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and USB mobile battery required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Durable, compact metal chassis

     The tough metal body of the AG is extremely portable and easy to place on a keyboard, on a guitar case, or even on a mic stand using an optional adapter.


AG DSP Controller allows additional control of DSP settings

     With the multi-platform AG DSP Controller software app you can access, and edit the compressor, EQ, high-pass filter, reverb, and amp simulator parameters of your 1-TOUCH DSP. EASY mode gives you precise, intuitive control, while EXPERT mode allows you more detailed adjustment of your parameters.


Cubase AI Music Production Software

     Cubase AI Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software is included with your AG purchase giving you a streamlined but powerful music production tool for making high-quality recordings right out of the box.


High resolution (192 / 24bit) playback and recording

     AG’s high-quality design enables 192kHz / 24bit sound that can reproduce even the most subtle nuances of your original recordings. If you useASIO compatible playback software, you can even bypass the internal Kernal mixer and reproduce the original sound faithfully.AG’s 192kHz/24bit sound quality is ideal for capturing the purest reproduction of your analog recordings when archiving your treasured collection.


USB bus powered or mobile battery

   The compact and durable AG can be operated using USB bus power or a mobile battery, giving you a powerful mobile setup that can fit easily into a backpack.



I/Oแฟนทอม เพาเวอร์+ 48 V+ 48 V
Input ChannelsMono[MIC/LINE]2 including HEADSET MIC (Plug-in Power)1 including HEADSET MIC (Plug-in Power)
Stereo[LINE]21 including Guitar input (Mono)
Output ChannelsSTEREO OUT1-
BusStereo: 1Stereo: 1
Input Channel FunctionPAD26 dB26 dB
PEAK LEDLED turns on when the signal reaches 3 dB below clipping levelLED turns on when the signal reaches 3 dB below clipping level
Level MeterUSB Output Level; 2 x 2 point LED meter [PEAK, SIG]USB Output Level; 2 x 2 point LED meter [PEAK, SIG]
USBUSB Audio: 2 IN / 2 OUT, USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant, Sampling Frequency: Max 192 kHz, Bit Depth: 24-bitUSB Audio: 2 IN / 2 OUT, USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant, Sampling Frequency: Max 192 kHz, Bit Depth: 24-bit
On-board processorsDSPCH1: COMP / EQ, EFFECT (SPX Reverb) ; CH2: AMP SIM, EFFECT (SPX Reverb)CH1: COMP / EQ, EFFECT (SPX Reverb)
General specifications
Power requirementsDC 5 V, 500 mADC 5 V, 500 mA
Power consumptionMax. 2.5 WMax. 2.5 W
DimensionsW155 mm (6.1")129 mm (5.1")
H63 mm (2.5")63 mm (2.5")
D202 mm (8.0")202 mm (8.0")
Net weight1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)0.8 kg (1.8 lbs)
OptionsFoot Switch: FC5, Mic Stand Adaptor: BMS-10AFoot Switch: FC5, Mic Stand Adaptor: BMS-10A
OthersFoot Switch: EFFECT Mute on / off, Operating Temperature: 0 to + 40 °CFoot Switch: EFFECT Mute on / off, Operating Temperature: 0 to + 40 °C
ระบบปฏิบัติการOSWindows 7 or later / Mac OS X 10.7 or laterWindows 7 or later / Mac OS X 10.7 or later