Yamaha PX3 เครื่องขยายเสียง
Yamaha PX3 เครื่องขยายเสียง
Yamaha PX3 เครื่องขยายเสียง


รหัสสินค้า: PX3 ประเภท: เครื่องขยายเสียง

YAMAHA PX3 เพาเวอร์แอมป์ กำลังขับ 300 วัตต์ x 2 ที่ 8 โอห์ม, 500 วัตต์ x 2 ที่ 4 โอห์ม

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YAMAHA PX3 เครื่องขยายเสียง เพาเวอร์แอมป์ 2 x 300W at 8Ω, 2x 500W at 4Ω, Class-D amplifier, PEQ, crossover, filters, delay, and limiter functions, 2U


     Yamaha PX3 Stereo Power Amplifier delivers 300W at 8 Ohms in a lightweight chassis and is suitable for a wide variety of sound-reinforcement applications. Part of the company’s PX Series of power amplifiers, it features a Class-D engine with a single custom LSI chip, and uses PLL technology for higher efficiency and lower noise. The Power-Boost mode combines the power output from two channels into one, achieving significantly higher single-channel power levels (the number of channels available is then halved).

     The on-board DSP functions include a PEQ, a delay, a crossover, and a limiter. They also allow for detailed configuration of parameters such as input & output routing, input sensitivity, amp gain, and speaker impedance. The D-Control multi-band dynamic processor delivers a clear and consistent sound at any output level by shaping the frequency response of each speaker for either front-of-house or monitor configurations.

     The Configuration Wizard helps save time during setup by assigning optimized speaker settings that match your system configuration. It can be used in basic mode for quick setup or advanced mode for more precise control over DSP parameters. You can store up to eight presets, which can be saved to a USB drive for use with other amplifiers and setups.

     For secure operation, the panel-locking function ensures that your settings remain safe. With its sturdy frame and carrying handle, the PX3 is built to withstand extended road use.



  • Class-D amplifier engine with single custom LSI chip and PLL technology
  • Power Boost Mode combines the power output from two channels into one
  • Configuration Wizard allows for configuration of the system by assigning optimized speaker settings which can be saved as presets
  • Digital routing of inputs & output (dual, parallel, single & SUM)
  • DSP functions include PEQ, crossover, filters, delay & limiter, accessed via an LCD display
  • D-Contour multi-band dynamic processing shapes the frequency response of speakers for specific applications
  • Basic mode for quick setup and Advanced mode for more precise control
  • Flexible connectivity with XLR & 1/4″ TRS inputs and binding post, SpeakON & 1/4″ TS outputs
  • Presets can be saved to USB drive for use with other amplifiers and setups, Panel-locking function to keep settings safe
  • Two 16-step variable-speed fans, Lightweight chassis


Specifications เพาเวอร์แอมป์

Output Power300 W per channel at 8 Ohms
500 W per channel at 4 Ohms
300 W per channel at 2 Ohms600 W one channel at 8 Ohms / Power Boost Mode
1000 W one channel at 4 Ohms / Power Boost Mode
Amplifier TypeClass-D, balanced output circuit (BLT)
THD + N0.1% at 1 kHz, 10 W
0.3% at 1 kHz, half power
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1.0 dB (1 W at 8 Ohms)
Crosstalk≤ -60 dB
S/N Ratio100 dB
Voltage Gain / Sensitivity

At 8 Ohms, Maximum Volume:


32.0 dB / +4.1 dBu (Gain Setting: 32 dB)
26.0 dB / +10.1 dBu (Gain Setting: 26 dB)
32.1 dB / +4 dBu (Gain Setting: 4 dB)
22.1 dB / +14 dBu (Gain Setting: 14 dB)

At 8 Ohms, Maximum Volume, Power Boost Mode:

35.0 dB / +4.1 dBu (Gain Setting: 32 dB)
29.0 dB / +10.1 dBu (Gain Setting: 26 dB)
35.1 dB / +4 dBu (Gain Setting: 4 dB)
25.1 dB / +14 dBu (Gain Setting: 14 dB)

Cooling2 x 16-step variable-speed fan (front-to-rear flow)
Maximum Input Voltage+24 dBu
Input Impedance20 kOhms (Balanced)
10 kOhms (Unbalanced)
Sampling Frequency48 kHz
ConvertersA/D: 24-bit linear, 128 times over-sampling
D/A: 24-bit linear, 128 times over-sampling
Signal Processing
  • Input summing
  • D-contour: FOH / MAIN
  • Monitor
  • OFF
  • Delay: 0 to 74 ms
  • HPF / LPF: cutoff frequency 20 Hz to 20 kHz with polarity control
  • Speaker Processor: 6-band PEQ / limiter / delay
Latency1.5 ms (analog input to speaker)
User Presets8 user presets
Factory PresetsSpeaker presets for Yamaha passive speakers
ConnectorsAnalog Input
2 x XLR-3-31
2 x 1/4 TRSSpeakers
2 x Neutrik SpeakOn NL4
2 x pairs of binding posts
2 x 1/4″ TS1 x AC inlet with AC cord clamp1 x USB 2.0 type-A (female)
AC Power Requirements120 V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption160 W at 4 Ohms, 1/8 maximum power
55 W at 4 Ohms, Idle
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F / 0 to +40°C
Storage Temperature-4 to 140°F / 0 to +40°C
Dimensions (W × H × D)18.90 x 3.46 x 15.25″ / 480 x 88 x 387.4 mm
Weight15.21 lb / 6.9 kg