Yamaha DXS12 MK II ลำโพง
Yamaha DXS12 MK II ลำโพง
Yamaha DXS12 MK II ลำโพง
Yamaha DXS12 MK II ลำโพง
Yamaha DXS12 MK II ลำโพง


รหัสสินค้า: DXS12 MK II ประเภท: ลำโพง

ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ 12 นิ้วพร้อมแอมป์ขยาย 1020 วัตต์

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YAMAHA DXS12 mkII ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ 12 นิ้วพร้อมแอมป์ขยาย 1020 วัตต์


 For smaller venues or temporary sound reinforcement setups that require serious power with a professional edge, look no further than this compact powerhouse. The new DXS12mkII is equipped with an upgraded 1020W power amplifier producing an impressive 134dB and reaching as low as 42Hz producing clean, clear, heart-stopping bass that defies its lightweight construction. Try selecting our D-XSUB “BOOST” or “XTENDED LF” low frequency processing settings, turn up the volume, and watch the eyes widen and jaws drop. All this in a small, easy to install enclosure. Listeners will need to search for the source of this much low frequency performance.



  • 12" powered subwoofer with 1020W class-D power amplifier
  • High-output 12” woofer with a band-pass design cabinet for superb bass response with a maximum 134dB SPL
  • 42Hz-150Hz frequency range is ideal for small to medium-sized applications
  • Built-in D-XSUB processing allows you to extend the frequency response even lower
  • Plywood cabinet is durable and acoustically optimized for minimal distortion
  • Cardioid mode for bass management onstage
  • Selectable X-OVER (80/100/120 Hz)
  • M20 and Ø35 mm dual pole sockets
  • Optional Speaker Wheels (SPW-1) and Speaker Cover (SPCVR-DXS122)


 High-Efficiency 1020W Class-D Amplifiers

     The DXS’s high-performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing up to 1020W of power, and a maximum SPL of 136dB, delivered with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Both the DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII can produce 3dB more SPL than previous models.


Custom Designed Transducer

     The high-output woofer of DXS18 features a 4" voice coil magnet and delivers powerful, well-defined, low-frequency bass with minimal distortion. The DXS12mkII and DXS15mkII both feature 2.5" voice coil magnets.


Band-Pass Type Enclosure

     All DXS Series enclosures incorporate a band-pass design to reduce unwanted vibrations and noise that could otherwise sabotage your sound. We've also designed a very durable plywood enclosure which, when combined with the band-pass configuration, tested better than the traditional bass-reflex design and reduced distortion considerably, making it possible to achieve a higher SPL.


Rugged coating for superior protection

     Enclosure exteriors feature a durable Polyurea coating with extremely high damage resistance to protect the cabinet from scratches, bumps, or severe weather conditions, maintaining a professional appearance for years to come.

Compact and portable design enclosure

     Just as impressive as the high output at their disposal is the compact portability and lightweight construction that houses the DXS Series' awesome power. The DXSmkII models in particular have shed 2kg and 3kg compared to their 15” and 12” predecessors respectively, making it easier than ever to load up, set up, or tear down your PA.


Cardioid Mode

     Because low frequencies can be omnidirectional, controlling the output directivity of a system’s bottom end can be a challenge, with the sound pressure hitting the stage often being equal to that of its intended FOH audience. For setups consisting of two or more DXS subwoofers, selecting the newly developed Cardioid Mode effectively decreases stage-side sound pressure while increasing the bottom-end output directed towards the audience, resulting in a cleaner stage monitoring environment and a more pronounced bass experience for the audience.

D-XSUB Bass Processing

     Powerful D-XSUB processing gives you total control of your low frequency. NORMAL mode gives you the ideally balanced low-frequency response, while BOOST mode provides a tighter and more focused bass. XTENDED LF mode drops the low-end frequencies down even further for thunderous bottom end that delivers a low frequency extension unheard of from smaller cabinets. Take your full-range system to the next level with the power and versatility of DXS Series active subwoofers.

Selectable X-OVER(80/100/120Hz)

      Crossover switching allows users to seamlessly match DXS subwoofers with any of Yamaha’s full-range powered speakers by selecting the cutoff frequency best suited to the models in their speaker array (up to 120Hz).



General specifications
Speaker type18" Powered subwoofer, Band-pass type15" powered subwoofer, Band-pass type12" powered subwoofer, Band-pass type
Frequency range (-10dB)32Hz – 120Hz40 Hz - 150 Hz42 Hz - 150 Hz
ComponentsLF18" cone, Voice Coil:4"15" cone, 2.5" voice coil12" cone, 2.5" voice coil
Maximum output level (1m; on axis)136dB SPL135 dB SPL134 dB SPL
I/O connectorsINPUT: XLR3-31 x2 , THRU: XLR-3-32 x 2(THROUGH or HPF POST)INPUT: XLR3-31 x2 , THRU: XLR-3-32 x 2(THROUGH or HPF POST)INPUT: XLR-3-31 x2 , THRU: XLR3-32 x 2(Parallel with INPUT)
CoolingNatural convectionNatural convectionNatural convection
Power requirements100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption100W100W100W
Pole socket35 mm (depth 80 mm) & M20 (threaded depth 25 mm)35 mm (depth 80 mm) & M20 (threaded depth 25 mm)35 mm (depth 80 mm) & M20 (threaded depth 25 mm)
DimensionsW563mm (22.2")480 mm (18.90”)400 mm (15.75")
H683mm (26.8")611 mm (24.06”)567 mm (22.32")
D721mm (28.4")614 mm (24.17”)570 mm (22.44")
Net weight49.7kg (110lbs)36.0 kg (79.4lbs)30.0 kg (66.1lbs)
OthersMaterial, Finish, Color: Meranti Plywood, Durable Polyurea Coating, BlackMaterial, Finish, Color: Meranti Plywood, Durable Polyurea Coating, BlackMaterial, Finish, Color: Meranti Plywood, Durable Polyurea Coating, Black
วัตต์Dynamic:1020W / Continuous: 800WDynamic:1020W / Continuous: 800WDynamic:1020W / Continuous: 800W